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Id Contact Name Project Name Order Type Assigned To Request Date
47041  Stacy Rye  CE Preceptor Dev flyer  Flyer  Debra Nelson  10/16/2019 
47040  Stacy Rye  CE Preceptor Resources Brochure  Brochure  Debra Nelson  10/16/2019 
47039  Renee Cook  Contemporary Compounding Intensive  Flyer  Debra Nelson  10/16/2019 
47038  Selina Rivera  EH&S Logo  Logo Design    10/16/2019 
47037  Tiffany Witherspoon  Webinar Calendar Flyer  Flyer  Paul Gettler  10/16/2019 
47036  Jeff Keating  Meet Crystal repurp for I.E. Mag ad  Ad  Angelique du Bois  10/15/2019 
47018  Maria Moreno  SHPEP and promotional item  Brochure  Debra Nelson  10/08/2019 
47001  Carla Kavanaugh  AOF Gala Ad 2019  Ad  Paul Gettler  10/03/2019 
47000  Renee Cook  COP 25th Anniversary   Digital Design  Debra Nelson  10/03/2019 
46999  Suzana Tkalcic  WesternU One Health Day  Flyer  Angelique du Bois  10/03/2019 
46998  Michelle Steinhebel  Update Asian Health Fair ad from 2018  Ad  Debra Nelson  10/02/2019 
46997  Stephen Siegel  IRA Rollover brochure  Brochure  Angelique du Bois  10/02/2019 
46996  Jeff Keating  CASE VII Circle of Excellence 2020 entries  Other  Rick Clapper  10/01/2019 
46983  Genevieve Kromberg  Commencement Invitations 2020  Invitation  Angelique du Bois  09/27/2019 
46982  Karen  Interview Booklet Covers & Backs  Booklet  Angelique du Bois  09/27/2019 
46981  Genevieve Kromberg  EW Luncheon Save the Dates  Postcard  Angelique du Bois  09/26/2019 
46980  Jeff Keating  WesternU Health brochure  Brochure  Debra Nelson  09/26/2019 
46979  rocki or geni  ATC 19 foyer centerpiece sleeves  Other  Paul Gettler  09/25/2019 
46977  rocki  WesternU Burgundy goild 2.5" seals     Paul Gettler  09/24/2019 
46976  Jeff Keating  Project Sister Healing the Heart pgm ad  Ad  Angelique du Bois  09/23/2019 
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