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Procedure: Resource Scheduling - 2 - Resource Schedulers
Procedure Information

Title:Resource Scheduling - 2 - Resource Schedulers

Policy Number: A12.82.50.4(1)

Responsible Department: Facilities and Physical Plant

Parent Policy : Resource Scheduling - 2 - Resource Schedulers

Policy Contact

Clark, Todd J

Executive Director Facilities and Physical Plant


Procedure Dates

Effective Date: 2007-11-15

Next Review Date: 2013-06-30

Approval Date: 2013-11-26 09:18:22.0

Review History

Procedure Overview

Reservations are required for all use of designated rooms, areas, or grounds on campus.  All scheduling is performed through the Resource Scheduler program on the intranet. The policy and procedure should be provided to each new faculty member.


Rooms or areas will be assigned via the automated reservation program, on a first-come, first-serve basis.Resource Schedulers


Selected individuals who are provided access to scheduling on the Resource Scheduler (RS).


Time Increments

Reservations can bet set up in 15 minute increments. Please allow enough time for your group to exit before the next group is due.


Building Hours

All scheduling must be performed within the published hours that each building is open.


 Room Capacities Vs Number of Attendees

Rooms should be scheduled by the capacity of the room and the number of persons attending the meeting/class. A large room with a small number of persons in it will be either too cold or too warm. In the same vein, a small room with a large number of people will not have a comfortable temperature for the group.



All authorized reservations will be available immediately for viewing on the Intranet in the Resource Scheduler Calendar.  The name of the person who created or changed the reservation is recorded on the reservation information.

Any scheduler requested to schedule outside of the schedule Policy & Procedure guidelines should provide a copy of the Policy & Procedure to the requestor to verify that they may not do so.


A link to the Policy & Procedure is provided at the bottom of each page in the Resource Scheduler.


Reservation Changes

Reservations can be changed and updated only by the scheduler that created the reservation.  If that person is not available when a reservation needs to be changed, contact Facilities @ ext. 5369 or ext. 5376.  Facilities has administrative rights to the Resource Scheduler and will make the changes for you.


Switching Rooms

Schedulers may contact other schedulers and request to "switch" or "borrow" rooms as needed.


Lockout Period Room Availability
During lockout period any scheduler may contact a Curriculum scheduler and request a room. If the room is available the Curriculum scheduler will enter the reservation. It is the responsibility of the requestee to confirm the reservation and any requirements within it. Email copies of these arrangments should be kept at hand until the reservation date has passed. Updates, setup requests, etc. can only be entered by the original scheduler or by the Facilities office.


Entering a Reservation for Another Scheduler

If you are entering a reservation for someone else please put that persons name in the "Description" box for future reference. You may also include any other relevant information.


Deleting Unauthorized Reservations

During lockout period a Curriculum Scheduler can delete unauthorized reservations found in their classrooms. It is the C.S. responsibility to notifiy the person who made the reservation by e-mail (and receive an answer) before deleting the reservation.


Facilities Requests
Facilities setup requests can be done at the time of the reservation; if requirements change, you may update the request at a later date.  The request will be automatically forwarded to the Facilities and Physical Plant.


Reservations requiring a Facilities setup must be submitted at least 5 (five) business days in advance to guarantee the requested setup.
Reservations not requiring a setup must be submitted no less than 3 (three) business days in advance.

Changes or additions to setups must be submitted no later than 24 hours in advance.



It is the responsibility of each scheduler to cancel any reservation they

have entered as soon as they are aware it is not needed.

1.  Rooms with setups must be canceled no less than 48 hours, or two

     business days, in advance of the date.
2.  Rooms without setups must be cancelled no less than 24 hours
      in advance.



A/V, Network Connection, and Computer Equipment Requests
A/V, Multi-Media, Network connection, and computer equipment requests can be done at the time of the reservation; if requirements change, you may update the request at a later date.  These requests will automatically forward to the correct area of IT.  You may also request to be contacted regarding your requirements.  If you have any questions on this part of your setup, please contact tech support @ 909/469-5432.


The scheduler and any relevant department(s) (Facilities, A/V and/or Security) will receive a confirmation e-mail of your reservation. Updates made will automatically be sent to the scheduler and relevant department(s). It is not necessary to contact a department after you have made your changes in the Resource Scheduler.


Please read the guidelines regarding room use in the Policy.

Procedure Process
  Responsible Department: Action:
 1. Department Head Emails Facilities to authorize new Resource Scheduler.
 2. Facilities RS Administrator Emails IT Training Specialist authorizing training.
 3. New Resource Scheduler Emails IT to set up training.
 4. New Resource Scheduler Signs statement to verify they have read and understand Policy & Procedure.
 5. IT Training Specialist Notifies RS Administrator training is completed and statement is signed.
 6. RS Administrator Sets Banner authorizations to allow new Resource Scheduler access. Notifies new new scheduler now has access to RS.
 7. Scheduler

Enters the following information after selecting a room/area, date, start and end time:
An explicit name of the class/meeting/event
Number of attendees
Name of the department (to fix responsibility)

 8. Resource Scheduler Program Sends a confirmation e-mail of reservation to the scheduler and relevant departments along with any later updates.
Related Procedure Information

Security for Reservations on Weekends in Closed Buildings

If you enter a reservation in a building during it's normal "closed" hours you are required to request SECURITY on the Security Tab in the RS. You will also be required to enter an account number (FOAPAL) to pay for the extra security guard.


Reservations Requiring Special Authorization

The authorizing person authorizes (or denies) the request on the same day. The scheduler will receive an email confirming or denying. If authorized the reservation will automatically forward to the RS calendar.
The following areas require special authorization:
1.      Administration Board Rooms
2.      Clinical Skills Labs
3.      University Medical Center


Board Rooms
The Warren Lawless Executive Conference Room and the Saul Bernat Board Room will be authorized by the Administration office after receiving the Room Reservation.


Clinical Skills Labs 
All reservations for these labs will automatically be forwarded to Family Medicine. 
When a reservation is authorized by Family Medicine, the Clinical Skills "contract" will then be forwarded to the requestor.  The responsible person must sign the contract and return it to Family Medicine one week before the use of the lab(s).


Clinical Skills Lab Use:
Rooms Available: There are 16 interior and 2 exterior rooms. Please specify the number of rooms requested.



PCC - University Medical Clinic
The use of the UMC must be authorized due to staffing arrangements required.



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