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Policy: Information Technology Purchasing Support - Software
Policy Information

Title: Information Technology Purchasing Support - Software

Responsible Department: IT

Policy Contact

Priddy, Gary J

Director Network Operations, Technical Support, and Telecommunications


Policy Dates

Effective Date: 2006-02-06

Next Review Date: 2015-06-01

Approval Date: 2017-01-30 12:40:48.0

Review History:


Policy Statement

The Department of Information Technology, in accordance with the guidelines set forth in this policy, is to review all requests/orders for software, whether acquired or hosted for University use.  Such requests/orders must first be authorized by IT.

Purpose of Policy

To ensure that all software purchases have been properly authorized, provide security for University data, are within the designated University financial and technical licensing guidelines.  


Related Policy Information

Information Technology will be the primary approving authority for all computer programs and applications utilized at Western University of Health Sciences. This includes acquisitions to be paid for out of any extramural funding (grants, gifts, etc.) in addition to the University budget money.  IT will install the new software and retain/store the physical media.


IT will aid in the evaluation and recommendation of all software used for University business whether or not it is stored on University servers.


IT must ensure that software used on University equipment will not adversely affect the performance of the equipment or network and that the software will be compatible with the equipment. 


IT will also be responsible for negotiating the best pricing and maintenance agreements with University approved vendors, while assuring the University meets software licensing guidelines.


For hosted applications, IT will verify with the hosting company their data security measures, import/export options and data procedures upon contract termination. IT will also help access the technical ability of the application to perform the University desired functionality.  




Hosted Application/Software: Programs residing on non-university servers that contain data supporting University functions.


Minor Revision

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