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Policy: Incident Reporting
Policy Information

Title: Incident Reporting

Policy Number: A2.13.50.8

Responsible Department: University Financial Services & Treasury

Policy Contact

Magsino, Chique Lingao

Risk Management Associate


Policy Dates

Effective Date: 2014-04-01

Next Review Date: 2017-04-01

Approval Date:

Review History:

Original Effective Date 7/14/2010

Reviewed August 2013

Policy Statement

It is the policy of Western University of Health Sciences (WesternU), Office of Risk Management that all incidents (e.g., slip, trip, fall, chemical exposure or spill) resulting in personal injury or illness, and/or damage to University property shall be properly reported and investigated in a timely manner.


Purpose of Policy

To ensure the University has a clear process on how to respond and report to an incident.  



Related Policy Information

It is the responsibility of every employee and student of WesternU to report incidents resulting in personal injury or illness, and/or damage to University property to their supervisor/student affairs representative as soon as is it safe and practicable to do so.  


The student's clinical coordinator is also to be notified when incident occurs at a clinical rotation site. A brief description of the incident must be provided in order to determine who needs to be notified, e.g., Security, Human Resources, University Student Affairs, police or paramedics.


In the event of a medical emergency, dial 911 from any on-campus telephone. Make certain to provide the 911 operator the name of the building where the injured person is located.


Contact University Security immediately after calling 911.




Incident: Any event that has resulted in or has the potential to result in an injury.







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