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Policy: Resource Scheduling - 2 - Resource Schedulers
Policy Information

Title: Resource Scheduling - 2 - Resource Schedulers

Responsible Department: Facilities and Physical Plant

Policy Contact

Clark, Todd J

Executive Director Facilities and Physical Plant


Policy Dates

Effective Date: 2007-10-04

Next Review Date: 2015-06-30

Approval Date: 2017-01-30 12:16:18.0

Policy Statement

It is the policy of Western University of Health Sciences (WesternU), Facilities and Physical Plant department to provide a reservation program that allows the Curriculum and Resource Schedulers to accommodate academic and administrative activities or events on the university campus. This policy applies to all colleges and departments.


Purpose of Policy

To enable the University to carry out its responsibilities of education, research and public service through the systemized coordination of campus activities and events ensuring available space is used appropriately. 


Related Policy Information


The use of University facilities by campus groups shall not interfere with, or prevent, the use of the facilities for the regular instructional program or for other scheduled activities.



Scheduling for all University rooms and designated areas is performed via the Resource Scheduler, an automated reservation program located on the University Intranet website @ http://res.westernu.edu.


Faculty may identify the schedulers within their colleges or departments by accessing the Resource Scheduler list on the intranet @ http://www.westernu.edu.facilities-resource-scheduler-list.


Resource Schedulers

Resource Schedulers are individuals who have been selected by their college or department to be responsible for coordinating room reservations. The number of schedulers in each department/college should be kept to a minimum to promote continuity.


If a scheduler transfers to another department the reservations created by them will be transferred to another scheduler within the original department.  The scheduler no longer has scheduling rights until or if they are designated as a scheduler by their new department.


Each scheduler will be entered into the “Resource Scheduler" email group and held to individual response to the correspondence. Schedulers will not be addressed by groups created within colleges or departments.


Schedulers can enter, update or cancel reservations for the requestor at any time. Any needed setups, A/V, parking or security should be entered into reservation. Each department handling these requests will be notified by automatic emails.


Scheduler Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of each scheduler to:

  1. Submit reservation time adequate for any preparation and cleanup necessary. There will be no access to the room/area outside of the reservation time.
  2. Verify confirmation of the reservation and resource requests (via receipt of automated email) and ensure adequate follow up by all who are involved in the outcome.
  3. Read all emails sent by the Resource Scheduler Administrator to maintain current knowledge of the scheduling information.
  4. Abide by all scheduling rules and regulations.
  5. Enter an adequate title of the reservation. Reservation titles may not be a college or department name but must describe the reservation.
  6. Verify that reservation requestor is aware of all rules and regulations pertaining to reservations.

Revocation of Scheduling Rights

Schedulers who do not maintain the required scheduling knowledge are subject to revoked scheduling rights. Rights may also be revoked for not folliwing the rules and responsibilities listed in this policy, including new rules or scheduling directions provided by the RS administrtor via email.


If a scheduler has no need for scheduling within a 6 month period the scheduling rights will be revoked.



Curriculum schedulers  (and general schedulers, where required) may have "proxies" assigned to their reservations. This allows the proxy to edit all reservations submitted by the original scheduler.  


Resource Scheduler Calendar

All reservations will be available for viewing immediately after being scheduled on the intranet Resource Scheduler program.

Reservation Conflicts

The Resource Scheduler Administrator or the Facilities & Physical Plant office staff will adjudicate all reservation conflicts.


Reservation Shortages

If it is not possible to find an available room that meets your requirements: contact other schedulers to inquire if they might have a cancellation that has not been submitted.


Conference / Miscellaneous Room Scheduling

Reservations for miscellaneous rooms and areas other than classrooms, labs and HEC study rooms may be scheduled up to, and no more than, 6 (six) months in advance. Reservations entered for longer than 6 (six) months in advance will be subject to cancellation.


Classroom Reservations / Setups


Non-Curriculum Schedulers - Facilities makes every effort to safegurd the physical setup of classrooms according to the disciplines request. Therefore, it is mandatory that classroom furniture arrangements not be changed during use by others. We ask that you please adhere to this policy when reserving classrooms and leave the room in the configuration in which it was found.


Reservation Submittal Timelines


Reservation Cancellations

Parking Requests

Group parking requests should be submitted no less than 2 weeks in advance.


Small group requests (5 or less persons) should be submitted no later than 24 hours in advance.


Student Club Reservation Requests

Resource schedulers are not authorized to reserve rooms for student clubs. Student clubs must obtain reservations through the office of University Student Affairs.




Due to special needs, some room reservations that are scheduled through the Resource Scheduler will be forwarded to a designated department for authorization. The designated department will then authorize or deny the request via automated email to the requestor. You must receive an authorization email confirming your reservation before use.


AAC - Administration & Advancement Center

Reservations will be forwarded to and authorized by the Presidents’ office:


BVCC - Banfield Veterinary Clinical Center


 HEC - Health Education Center




HPC Clinical Skills Labs (Family Medicine)

All reservations for these labs will automatically be forwarded to the Department of Family Medicine.  When the reservation is approved by Family Medicine, the Clinical Skills “contract” will be forwarded to the reservation requester.  The responsible person must sign the contract and return it to the Department of Family Medicine within 5 (five) working days before the date of the reservation. Please see “Clinical Skills Lab Use and Guidelines” below for all regulations.


Student Commons (5 individual areas)

Reservations will be forwarded to, and authorized by, the Office of University Student Affairs. (Note: a piano is available for use in the Student Commons but may NOT be moved at anytime.)


HSC - Health Sciences Center


LRC - Library and Research Center 


 SSC - Student Services Center


TTL Technical Training Lab*

I.T. Training Lab
-  reservations will be forwareded to, and authorzed by, certain Information Technology staff. 

* TTL Rules:


Additional Informaiton


HSC - Compatriots Hall



Responsibilities of the person in charge:

Responsibilities of scheduling departments:

The department (or person in charge, if indicated in the reservation) as well as the membership of the group as a whole, will be held responsible for any and all damages that may occur as a result of the use of the facilities.

Safety Compliance

User must comply with the University’s safety standards as well as with all OSHA, EPA and Fire Code regulations. Approval for an event may be rescinded if standards are violated at any time.


Safety Violations:


Decorations are permitted; however, they must be freestanding and may not be attached to walls, partitions, floors, ceilings, windows, blinds, rods, light fixtures or any other part of the building, furniture or equipment.



This rule has been established to maintain the aesthetic quality of the facility and to keep maintenance costs to a minimum. Decorations must be removed immediately following the event.





It is the policy of the university to have two curriculum scheduling "lockout" phases per year. During these phases each college may schedule their curriculum. All schedulers other than Curriculum Schedulers are locked out of scheduling classrooms, labs and HEC study rooms at that time.


The first phase of lockout occurs as "Summer Lockout":

This phase is in effect from July 1 and ends on the Friday of the first week of the Fall Semester in August.


When Summer lockout ends general schedulers may then schedule classrooms, labs and HEC study rooms for the first semester only. Other rooms are always available for scheduling but only up to 6 months in advance.


The second phase of lockout occurs as "Fall Lockout":

This phase is in effect from the second full week of November and ends one week before Winter Break.


Reservations for classrooms and skill labs that were inadvertently entered before the “Lockout Phase” are subject to cancellation when the Lockout Phase begins.


General Schedulers will regain access to scheduling classrooms, labs and HEC study rooms at the end of each lockout. General schedulers may then schedule classrooms, labs and HEC study rooms for the following semester only.


Editing Reservations During Lockout

General schedulers who require reservation edits for classrooms, labs and HEC study rooms: email the Resource Scheduler Administrator with the details. The RSA will submit the edits for you.


For complete information please see: Resource Scheduling - 3 - Curriculum Scheduling Policy and Procedure.




The Clinical Skills Lab is primarily for use by the academic programs. Access to the lab facilities will not be available during Clinical Performance Evaluation (CPE) and Didactic Exam week.



Priority reservations in the lab are routinely reserved for the following:

There are 16 interior and 2 exterior rooms. Please specify the number of rooms requested in the Room Reservation.



Key Card Access

The Clinical Skills Lab maintains a “key card” access system. This system provides tracking of each “key card” user.  A printed daily report confirms who has entered and exited the lab and at what times. The reserving individual must check out the “access key” from the Office of Medical Simulation and sign for it.



Clinical Skills Lab - Safety Concerns



Other Rules and Regulations - Clinical Skills Lab

General Rules of Use:

Please remember:


Person in Charge (PIC)


The person in charge is the person who is conducting the meeting.


Resource Requests

Parking, Security, Audio/Visual, Setups, etc.



Additional tables, chairs, configurations, ice buckets, bbq, etc.


Minor Revision

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