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Policy: Audio Visual Equipment Purchases
Policy Information

Title: Audio Visual Equipment Purchases

Responsible Department: IT

Policy Contact

Flores, Roldan J

Manager of Classroom & Multimedia


Policy Dates

Effective Date: 2006-12-01

Next Review Date: 2012-12-01

Approval Date:

Policy Statement

It is the policy of Western University of Health Sciences (WesternU), Classroom Multimedia Services (CMS) to provide the University with pricing, review and recommendations for all audiovisual equipment purchases.




Purpose of Policy


To ensure that Campus entities receive the best pricing and service agreements with University approved vendors. 

To ensure that AV equipment requested will be compatible with the existing network and computer related technologies.

To aid in standardizations which increase the supportability of the equipment.



To assist with proper inventory to support University assets with the Department of Risk Management.



Related Policy Information

Users can submit a service request or send an email request to techsupport@westernu.edu to request availability, price quotes, and compatibility of all Audiovisual equipment.



CMS will review and, upon acceptance, approve all requests/orders of Audiovisual equipment acquired with any University funds.  This includes acquisitions to be paid for out of any extramural funding (grants, gifts, etc.) in addition to the general operating budget of the University.



Classroom Multimedia Services (CMS) will be able to support only items purchased according to this policy.


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