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Welcome to the University Policy and Procedure Website

This website is no longer active. To see current policies and procedures, go to or go to the University Policy Office site, click on Policies and Procedures. This will take you directly to the Document & Policy Manager website.

The University Policy Office (UPO) follows the instructions of the Policy Contact regarding policy maintenance as it is the Policy/Procedure Contact person's responsibility to obtain approval from key University officials whenever a new or major change is made to a policy or procedure. Approval is also needed when a policy is retired, suspended, or subsumed by another.

Please contact, Trena L. Rich in the University Compliance Office at 909-706-3871 for assistance with all phases of policy and procedure development.

University Disclaimer: All employees are expected to comply with the policies that govern the University as a whole, and with those policies that apply to the employees of responsibility. If any doubt exists as to whether a published policy applies to you, you should contact your immediate supervisor or another appropriate University official to obtain clarification.